Digital Bookplates-Promotion to Associate Professor 2012

Promotion to Associate Professor 2012

Prof. Mahmut Yasar, Economics, was invited by the Library to choose an item to add to the Library's collection, purchased with the support of the Friends of the UT Arlington Library on the occasion of her Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure.

Prof. Yasar chose An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, Los Angeles, CA: Indo-European Publishing, 2010.

Prof. Yasar's remarks on this item:
"My undergraduate and master's degrees are in business administration. After reading this book, suggested by one of my professors, I become interested in studying economics. This first book of 'modern economics' is still of interest to many, as it provides the motivation for many economic concepts (ranging from the role of institutions and legal systems in economic development to the gains from free trade and outsourcing)."