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From May 4-24 of 2017, we collected information about the library on the Glass Walls in Central Library. We wanted to know our community's likes, dislikes, preferences, and needs. We posted the prompt: Give Your Library Feedback! Below are some of the comments we received. 

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This is a brief report discussing some of the findings of LibQUAL report of 2015 compared with the Wayfinding project completed in 2016.

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The purpose of the Wayfinding project was to inform us about signage needs in the library. Students went on a journey to find various resources in Central Library. Some participants wore go cams, some traveled alone, while we followed others. The infographic describes some of the results we found.



As the students relax and enjoy their summer break after all the hard work they put in during the Spring semester of 2015, we here in assessment are curious to know just how much did the students use the library. You may have seen a previous blog post on gate count information, which showed how card swipes at the library entrance could be used. Well, this is how.

Each card swipe linked to unique patron identification values registers the count of inward entry and outward exit swipes to provide us a wealth of information about the number of entries, exists and net flow of patrons. It...

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