University of Texas at Arlington




Below are reports, papers and other documentation that result from the various projects and collaborations that the UT Arlington Libraries Assessment team is involved with.

In October 2014, UT Arlington Libraries became the first in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area to have a fully functional Fabrication Lab, FabLab for short.

The UT Arlington Libraries have been loaning laptops to patrons to take outside the libraries since 2003.  The attached paper provides a review of the Libraries' past policy and practice, a discussion of a program evaluation previously conducted in the Libraries and also an exploration of the current and future environment related to technology on the UT Arlington campus more broadly and the...

When the User Engagement and Services department lost a staff member from the overnight shift, the Department Head asked the Assessment team to look at the activity data related to the time period 11pm to 7am during the long semesters of the 2014-2015 academic year.  We pulled quantitative data that represented multiple activities, like building entries, circulation activity, reference...

The UTA Libraries’ Innovation Mini-Grant program is designed to foster innovation within the Libraries by supporting staff who are willing to explore and report on new ways to move forward with our strategic goals. This can be in the form of new or enhanced services, technology, or activities. Grants in amounts up to $1500 will be considered. Grant projects should be designed so that they can...

The UT Arlington Libraries created the attached self-study in preparation for a visit from our external reviewers in July of 2016. This document describes our history, our accomplishments, and our challenges as we move forward with our strategic plan.