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Several of us here at UTA Libraries had the privilege of attending and presenting our work at the International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces (ISAM) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, between September 24-27 2017.

Morgan Chivers presented his paper titled “Scaling the DIY Approach: Do-It-Together with Student Staff Service Learning,” discussing how he utilized real projects to train new student workers in the UTA FabLab during the expansion of the space between 2016-2017. Rather than purchasing our hardwood work tables, students built them from scratch under...

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We’ve been very busy with the usual beginning-of-the-semester rush, in addition to planning our grant work. I’m taking a quick moment over the Labor Day weekend to post an update about the partnership selection process.

We’ve narrowed our list of potential partners to five, and will make our first site visit on Monday, Sept. 11. We hope to conclude site visits in early October. From those five site visits, we will select three partners, and expect to announce our partners by the end of October here on the Thinking Outside the Stacks blog and other UTA news outlets.


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[Note: This post was co-authored by Eric Olson, Jon Le and Martin Wallace]

In spring of 2017 Dr. Christoph Csallner reached out to the FabLab for projects that his CSE 3311: Object-Oriented Software Engineering students could assist with as real-world problems. Martin Wallace, Maker Literacies Librarian, and Katie Musick Peery, FabLab Director, provided Dr. Csallner the mission of the FabLab, an overview of the Maker Literacies Program, and a list of five modules currently being considered for improving the FabApp—an application created to help organize and manage day to day...

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At last year’s TX STEM Librarians Conference, I introduced UT Arlington Libraries’ Maker Literacies Pilot Program and the Maker Literacies Task Force. That presentation covered the goals and objectives of the Task Force, early-stage work and lessons learned in the research and discovery phase. We have come a long way since then. We have piloted nine undergraduate courses into the Maker Literacies Program, all of which use the UTA FabLab either wholly or in-part for completion of a major assignment. These nine courses include three from English, two from Industrial Engineering, and one each...

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Note: I'm posting this on behalf of Dr. Amanda Alexander who participated in our Spring 2017 Maker Literacies pilot with her course Art 4365 Technology in Art Education.

Project Overview

Students come through my art education courses in cohorts of 15 on average. They are in four of my courses for an entire year. This means that I build relationships with them and get to know them pretty well. While in my courses, they begin in the fall semester observing K-12 classrooms.

When students begin my spring Technology in Art Education course, they have already had 2-3 courses with...

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