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In Spring 2017 Dr. Bonnie Boardman’s Introduction to Industrial Engineering (IE 1205) students undertook an assignment in the UTA FabLab with the goal of learning about the design process by going through it in a “real life” environment. Industrial Engineers design processes more often than they design things, so the assignment was for them to design or improve a training process using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) method.  In terms of our draft list of maker-based competencies, the steps of DMAIC include almost all of the components of the “apply design praxis...

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I’m writing to highlight what I consider to be a huge success story for our beta Maker Literacies Program at UTA Libraries. I just learned that Christine Adame is at the Barcelona Maker Faire teaching the “Easy Screenprinting with Vinyl” workshop that she developed as part of her assignment in the Maker Literacies Program!

Christine Adame facilitating her CNC Vinyl Cut Screen Printing workshop at UTA FabLab.

Have you ever wanted to screenprint a cool shirt or poster with your own design? It's easier than you think! Learn how...

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In Fall 2016, the Libraries began a series of pop-up experiential learning events during which attendees would engage in design thinking and creating projects. The focus of the series were relevant, low risk activities that would introduce students to ideation, testing, and a fail fast philosophy, couched in a fun topic that was relevant to their lives and interests. Events included cooking with residence hall approved appliances, mask and costume making, vinyl cutting room décor, and simple lifehacks that could improve their lives.

The process for planning and executing these...

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I've completed the data analysis for my project about comparing undergraduate student self-confidence before and after participation in the UTA Libraries Pitch of the Week (POW!) Contest.

There were 25 matched pairs of pre- and post-self-evaluations. I initially believed that student self confidence would get a boost from exposure to the competition and that student self confidence would increase in each of the five categories. When comparing all pre- and post-evaluation averages, we find that this holds true for all but the teamwork category, which decreased. The teamwork skill...

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On Wednesday, Morgan Chivers (our FabLab Artist in Residence and technician extraordinaire) and I presented to the 2017 Annual Amigos Member Conference!

Morgan and I want to thank Amigos for inviting us to present at their conference. Our session was very well attended and gave us a platform to talk about our vision of "Maker Literacies" and outline the UTA Libraries Maker Literacies Task Force's efforts to create a Maker Literacies Program at UT Arlington. Our presentation covered the goals of the Task Force, the work we've done so far, lessons learned, challenges faced, and plans...

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