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Back in September, UTA Libraries submitted a preliminary two-page proposal for an IMLS National Leadership Grants for Libraries planning grant to pilot test our maker-based competencies in the undergraduate curriculum. I’m very excited to announce that in early December, we received an invitation from IMLS to submit our full 10-page proposal!

The invitation (while certainly welcomed with open arms!) could not have come at a more difficult time. The submission deadline was January 13, giving us only about a month to draft and finalize the proposal. I was getting ready to go out on...

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In spring 2016 the UTA Libraries Maker Literacy Task Force (MLTF), in collaboration with the Texas Innovation Group (TIG), began developing a survey intended to gauge makerspace culture. We originally planned to survey only makerspaces in Texas, in preparation for a presentation to be delivered at the Texas Library Association’s annual conference. After more discussion about this it occurred to us that the survey could serve additional purposes beyond presenting at TLA, and decided that we would launch the survey nationally.

The survey was being designed to gather data on topics...

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At the Online Learning Consortium: Accelerate conference in November, I attended a series of events that pitted teams of educators against one another in a fast-paced competition to propose a solution to a pressing problem in online education. Teams were given a problem prompt, 15 minutes to ideate a solution, and a few minutes each to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges. There were five sessions total; the first four sessions were preliminary rounds and the fifth was the final round where winners from the preliminaries faced off against each other. Each of these sessions lasted...

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I thought I’d post some general info updates about our Maker Literacies pilot program. First, we finally have an official project description on our website, here. For your convenience I’ve pasted it in its entirety:

In cooperation with UTA Library’s FabLab and faculty representing a wide range of academic units at UTA, we are piloting a program that ties maker-based competencies to the learning objectives of undergraduate courses. We believe that the competencies gained from hands-on, project based learning in the FabLab (for example, working in teams,...

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The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries and the Texas Innovation Group wish to thank everyone who completed our Makerspace survey! The survey is now closed, and winners of incentive prizes have been notified. In all, we received 169 attempted survey responses with 79 completed. Although we would have loved to have had even more respondents, we more than met our initial goal of 100 attempts with 25 completed. We realized this was a monster of a survey, and wish to give special thanks to those of you who muscled through to the end!

We would also like to thank our friends at...

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