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Current Events

  • Palo Duro Canyon

    Friends of the Library: Road Trip to Palo Duro Canyon

    Friends of the UTA Library is pleased to announce its tenth annual spring semester road trip, again in conjunction with the UTA Honors College. This year’s sojourn will be an overnighter. Our hired coach will depart the UTA Stadium parking lot Saturday, Feb. 28, at 8:00 am for Canyon, Texas, where we will visit the impressive Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum. We will stay overnight in the Hilton Garden Inn in Amarillo. Sunday morning we will make a brief visit to Cadillac Ranch, the best-known work of the art collective Ant Farm, installed in the 1970s.

  • Jane Roberts Wood signing one of her books.

    Jane Roberts Wood - Seven Stories

    Jane Roberts Wood will be discussing her newest publication, Seven Stories. This collection will give anyone who is not familiar with her work an introduction to how she writes, what concerns her, and what ironies she recognizes in daily life. Miss Wood said that this is the “most beautifully published book that she has done.” She will also be discussing the differences between writing novels and short stories.

    The meeting will be followed by a reception and book signing.

  • 1912 map of Hawaii

    Captive Paradise: A History of Hawaii

    James L. Haley will talk about Captive Paradise: A History of Hawaii, which is the only state to have once been a royal kingdom. After its “discovery” by Captain Cook in the late 18th Century, Hawaii was fought over by European powers determined to take advantage of its position as the crossroads of the Pacific. While Hawaii’s royal rulers adopted Christianity, they fought to preserve their ancient ways. But the American sugar barons sealed their fate and in 1893, the Marines overthrew Lili’uokalani, the last queen of Hawaii.