Flora and Dickson Reeder

Portrait of a young Flora and Dickson Reeder.The Reeder School, was a natural outgrowth of the talents and education of both Flora and Dickson Reeder. Flora Blanc (1916-1995) was born in New York City to Edward and Martha Elliott Blanc. Her education as a musician and artist included academic studies at the elite Brearley School and eight years of study at New York’s King-Coit School of Acting and Design.

Dickson Reeder (1912-1970) was born in Fort Worth. As a child he studied drawing and painting with local artists Sallie Mummert and Sally Gillespie. After graduating from Central High School (now Paschal) in 1930, he traveled to New York to study at the Art Students League. Flora and Dickson met in Paris in 1937 where they were both studying art. They married in New York in December 1937.

Flora and Dickson Reeder with prop from Nala and Damayanti.Returning to Fort Worth, Dickson and Flora became part of the Fort Worth Circle, a group of eleven artists that included Bill Bomar, Cynthia Brants, Lia Cuilty, and Bror Utter. Dickson Reeder assumed leadership of the Fort Worth Circle prior to World War II. The Reeder home became the center of many social gatherings for this close-knit group of friends who became the driving force of Fort Worth’s art world.

The Reeder Children's Theatre Presents...Memories of Fort Worth's Reeder School is presented by Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.