Reeder Students and their Art

Reeder School students fondly recalA young artist working diligently on his painting.l the time spent under the tutelage of Flora and Dickson Reeder. Reflection on their Reeder School studies will bring a smile to their face, and a favorite story or memory will come to mind. Some even swing into lines of dialogue memorized long ago. Their days at Reeder School proved to be a transformational experience in many different ways. For those students who continued on in the arts, the Reeder School teaching style may influence how they paint, how they perform, how they interpret theatre, Dickson Reeder clowing around with his students during The kinght of the Burning Pestle, 1956art, music, and dance. For those who pursued other career paths, the influence may be reflected in their poise, their carriage, or the ease with which they speak before an audience.

In this section we will introduce to you just a few of the Reeder School students and their art. Click on the students in the right-hand menu to read their stories.

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