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GIS Training

If you are totally new to GIS but know that GIS might be helpful to do your project (no matter if it is an in-class project or your dissertation) and you want to get some introduction about GIS and its application in your field, we are here to help you.

GIS Consultation

If you already know about GIS but you find some glitches in your GIS project and need help to figure that out, or if you want to know if there is any detour to get your GIS job done easily and sooner, you can come to us.

GIS workshops offered by UTA Libraries

GIS Software

ArcGIS: Students at qualifying institutions may be eligible for One year license at no cost as part of the Esri Education Site License Program. The latest ArcGIS software can be accessed from the following locations:

  • Architecture & Fine Arts Library
  • Architecture Building Computer Lab
  • Central Library (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors)
  • Electronic Business Library
  • Science & Engineering Library
  • Social Work Electronic Library
  • University Hall Computer Lab

Instructors and Site License Coordinators at institutions with an Esri Education Site License may request software for students at no cost by going to:

IDRISI: IDRISI is integrated GIS and RS software developed by Clark Labs (Worcester, MA) at Clark University. IDRISI is a Windows-based system that offers tools for researchers and scientists engaged in analyzing earth system dynamics for effective and responsible decision making for environmental management, sustainable resource development, and equitable resource allocation. Environmental managers and researchers benefit from the unsurpassed range of geospatial tools.

ERDAS IMAGINE: ERDAS Imagine is a raster-based software package designed specifically to extract information from imagery. ERDAS IMAGINE includes a comprehensive set of tools to create accurate base imagery for inclusion into a GIS and ESRI Geodatabase. ERDAS IMAGINE provides a variety of tools such as image orthorectification, mosaicking, reprojection, classification and interpretation that allow the user to analyze image data and present it in formats ranging from printed maps to 3D models.

QGIS: QGIS is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) licensed under the GNU General Public License. QGIS is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). It runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows and Android and supports numerous vector, raster, and database formats and functionalities.

TransCAD: TransCAD is being designed specifically for use by transportation professionals to store, display, manage, and analyze transportation data. TransCAD combines GIS and transportation modeling capabilities in a single integrated platform, providing capabilities that are unmatched by any other package.

AutoCAD Map 3D: AutoCAD Map 3D software provides access to GIS and mapping data to support planning, design, and data management. Intelligent models and CAD tools help you to apply regional and discipline-specific standards. Integration of GIS data helps to improve quality, productivity, and asset management. Students can access to AutoCAD Map 3D for 3 years free.

Tableau: Tableau helps people to see and understand data. It puts the power of data into the hands of everyday people, allowing a broad population of business users to engage with their data, ask questions, solve problems and create value. Students can have access to one year free license of Tableau Desktop.

Contact Us

  • Library Staff can assist acquiring geospatial datasets and a full spectrum of GIS analysis support. Schedule an appointment.
  • Ali Behseresht is our GIS specialist at UTA Libraries, and is the primary contact for all issues related to the use of GIS, Geodatabase, GIS services and software. Please contact: with your UTA email account.

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