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GIS Training Opportunities

GIS Certificate

The College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs (CAPPA) offers a GIS Certificate Program that trains students to use GIS competently in a wide variety of professional fields. The program is open to both degree and non-degree seeking students.

GIS-Related Courses Offered at UTA

  • School of Architecture and the School of Urban and Public Affairs:
    • CIRP 5356 Geographic Information Systems
    • CIRP 5357 Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
    • CIRP 5331 GIS Workshop
    • CIRP 5320 Database Management for GIS
    • CIRP 5340 GIS and Suitability Analysis
    • CIRP 5327 Introduction to Green Cities and Transportation
    • ARCH 5329 Architecture Computer Graphics
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences Department:
    • GEOL 4330 Understanding Geographic Information Systems
    • GEOL 4331 Analysis Of Spatial Data
    • GEOL 4332 Global Positioning System
    • GEOL 4333 Remote Sensing Fundamentals
    • GEOL 4334 Geographic Data Analysis
    • GEOL 5320 Understanding Geographic Information Systems
    • GEOL 5321 Analysis Of Spatial Data
    • GEOL 5322 Global Positioning System
    • GEOL 5323 Remote Sensing Fundamentals
    • GEOL 5324 Geographic Data Analysis Project
  • Department of Information Systems and Operations Management:
    • INSY 5308 Advanced Programming
    • INSY 5310 Introduction to Computers and Information Systems
    • INSY 5335 Applied Database Management
    • INSY 5392 Visual Basic
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering:
    • CSE 5330 Database Systems I
    • CSE 5356 Computer Graphics 

GIS Books at UTA Libraries

Here is the list of some books to get familiar with GIS or to improve your knowledge about GIS:

For a complete list of GIS books published by ESRI, go to ESRI Press.

Online GIS Learning Resources