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GIS Day 2013 @ UT Arlington

GPS in the Library Mall: Cache, if You Can!

A Competition: A race in the Library Mall.

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First team to locate the item will win!

Teams: Participants will be organized into seven teams.

A Race: Each team will begin outside the front doors of the Central Library and each team will be given a different first coordinate. At this coordinate, the team will find a second unique coordinate. This second coordinate will point to the magical and mysterious device (double-wink). First team to find the device wins. Play to win!

A Prize: Oh the glory!

26 GPS Units: Participants are free to bring and use their own GPS units, but we have 26 units that we will be available to exercise participants during the workshop. So sorry, they must be returned after the exercise.

GPS Training: Totally new to GPS? Well, it is easy! At the start of the exercise, we will provide all the training you will need.