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GIS Day 2013

Information for Presenters

Want to showcase your geographic research by creating a poster and chatting with others about it?  I hope so, because we would love to have you!

Poster Submission Instructions

How to register as a Showcase Poster Presenter?
Register here online to present a poster.

What is expected of presenters?
Presenters will create a poster (see details below) highlighting GIS research that is either completed or currently in process.  Then, on GIS Day (November 21) from 1pm-2pm stand by your poster and talk to folks about your research.  That’s it.  No pressure.  No prepared speeches.

When do presenters need to create the poster?
We would like to have all posters by November 12 so that we can get them printed, create handouts (smaller versions of your poster), etc.

How do presenters go about printing this poster?
Presenters do not need to pay to print out their poster.  Once you register as a presenter or otherwise let us know you will present a poster, you will bring your poster file to the Digital Media Studio in the basement of the Central Library. See full instructions on poster submission process here. Once uploaded, we will print the posters as well as print out smaller handouts of your poster.  When you arrive on GIS Day, your poster will already be on display and ready to go.

What specs are required of the poster files?

  • Preferred dimensions are 45' x 32'
  • Acceptable file formats: PowerPoint, Photoshop, TIF, JPG
  • Maximum file size: 50 MB

Do presenters get anything snazzy for their efforts?
Yes, of course. Every presenter will receive a Certificate of Attendance, and an impressive GIS activity to put on their resumes.

Other Questions?
Let us know via email to