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J. Bond Johnson strikes again

Ramey and duBose with debris

Since it has been suggested that Ramey had invited reporters from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to his office, and since some of the quoted material came from a web site that hosted an interview with J. Bond Johnson, the reporter, I thought I could clarify some of this by posting the following. This is from my second interview with Johnson, made about a month after he called me, left his telephone number on my answering machine asking me to return the call.

Ramey Memo Update

closeup of Ramey telegram

The best case of provenance that I have ever seen is the Ramey Memo. We have a picture of Ramey holding the document, we have been able to interview the photographer, and we know the date on which it was taken because we have not only a dated document that was transmitted with the picture, but it appeared in newspapers around the country the next day.

Deciphering the Ramey Memo

During the first week in July, 1947, something fell to Earth near the tiny New Mexican town of Corona and was retrieved by members of the 509th Bomb Group of the U.S. Army Air Forces stationed near Roswell, New Mexico. Limited documentation about that event has been found and much of that submitted for examination lacks any sort of provenance.

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