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Open Education

Open educational resources (OER) are freely accessible online teaching and learning materials. They can be fully self-contained textbooks, videos, quizzes, learning modules, and more.

Using OER in your classroom will:

  • improve student engagement and success;
  • provide immediate, equitable access to resources;
  • save money for your students; and
  • provide you a venue to use flexible, high-quality learning materials in your individualized curriculum. 

To find specific OER to use in your courses, see Open Educational Resources by College. Please contact your subject librarian or Michelle Reed with any questions.

Open Pedagogy

Open pedagogy is the practice of engaging with students as creators of information rather than simply consumers of it. It's a form of experiential learning in which students demonstrate understanding through the act of creation. The products of open pedagogy are student created and openly licensed so that they may live outside of the classroom in a way that has an impact on the greater community.

Though student-generated and openly licensed form the foundation of open pedagogy, the outputs vary tremendously. Examples include:

  • interactive digital resources designed for non-profits or local businesses,
  • collection and open sharing of data, and
  • student-authored or curated content published as open textbooks, as well as e-portfolios, blogs, and wikis.
Open Access Publishing

Find out about funding sources for publishing in open-access journals and more in our open-access publishing guide.


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