High Society

"Everybody Who Is Anybody reads Beau Monde -- and if you don't think so just ask Anybody Who Is Anybody," stated a full page ad in Beau Monde: Dallas' Pictorial Weekly. Published from 1919 to at least 1920, individual issues were available for five cents, or a full year subscription for $2.50. Its pages offered "Society News" by Bab, photos of debutantes, feature articles on new homes, interior furnishings, fashion, and other topics of interest to Dallas high society. Sleek new cars, fine chocolates, phonographs, player pianos were among the products advertised in Beau Monde. This ad (December 27, 1919) introduced the "smartest of advance Palm Beach Styles" from the second floor salon of Neiman Marcus Co. Beau Monde was probably a successor to a periodical of a similar name, Beau Monde, a Weekly Journal Devoted to Music, Art, Society and Current Gossip, published in Dallas beginning in 1909.

Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington