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David Márez

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Mr. Márez was born in 1949 Mathis, Texas, and moved while in junior high school to San Antonio, where he still resides. He began his singing career as a gospel singer in church, then joined Gilbert and the Blue Notes and was recruited by the Royal Jesters. After completing his military service in the Navy, he was with the Latin Breed until 1997, when he formed his own band, Márez and the People. He and his band have been recording for more than two decades.

Interview Summary:

Mr. Márez discusses his boyhood athletic career in Mathis and San Antonio, picking cotton, and his childhood exposure to music. He describes his work as a member of the musical group, the Royal Jesters, giving insight into the lifestyle and workings of bands, and explains how he came to choose music as a career. Mr. Márez tells of his four years of service with the U.S. Navy in the Pacific during Vietnam, then relates how he got back into singing. He recounts his travels as a member of the Royal Jesters in the 1970s, and his decision to form his own group, "People," in 1977. Márez discusses at some length the mechanics of musical recording and production, including the roles played by Manuel "Manny" Guerra and Albert Esquivel as mentors to Márez and Márez' relationship with music industry figure, Bob Weaver. The interview contains scattered references to Little Joe (Joe Hernandez), especially his role in restoring the accordion to popularity. The interview concludes with a discussion of the evolution of Tejano music and the music industry, the mechanics of travel with a band, and Márez' plans for the future and his current activities.

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Mathis/San Antonio

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