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Mario Gallegos

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Born September 8, 1950. First Mexican American to hold the position of State Senator from Harris County, Texas. He was elected to the state senate in 1994 and had previously served as state representative in 1990 and again in 1992.

Interview Summary:

The interview begins with a discussion of Gallego's politically active family in which he talks about the influence his parents exercised on his involvement in political activities. Throughout the interview, he describes numerous candidates he worked for politically and tells how he assisted them in their campaigns. He talks about the internal politics among Mexican American leaders and how relations soured into political rifts and factions. Gallegos describes how being a member of the Texas Senate is different from being a member of the Texas House. He talks about the nature of the Hispanic Senate Caucus and how it operates. He concludes by identifying education and economic development as the most important issues facing the Mexican American community.

Locations of residence or activity:

Houston/Harris County

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