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Eliseo Solís

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Born in 1946 in Levelland, Texas. Mr. Solís was the first Mexican American elected County Commissioner in Lubbock, in 1984. He was active in the formation of La Raza Unida Party of Texas while a teacher in Crystal City, Texas, during the early 1970s. He earned his B.A. In Latin American Studies from Texas Tech University in 1968, and later his Master's from Wichita State University.

Interview Summary:

Mr. Solís discusses his family history and genealogy. He describes childhood memories of race discrimination practices in the community and the schools. Mr. Solís recounts his experiences as a soldier during the Vietnam conflict and tells about the difficulty finding work after his duty was concluded. He talks about his position as chair of the MECHA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán) chapter at Wichita State University. Mr. Solís recounts his early political experiences as a political activist after he returned to Crystal City, Texas, to work with the school district as coordinator of federal educational programs. He describes the details of his involvement with La Raza Unida Party's national convention in 1972 and describes his participation in voter registration drives in Texas, Mexico, and El Salvador. He talks about campaign management and finance during his bid for election as county commissioner in Lubbock. Mr. Solis describes the functions and duties of a county commissioner, and talks about his activities in administering that office. He tells about his involvement with Texas' farm workers strikes and the legal problems he faced as a participant. Mr. Solis speculates on the reasons for his defeat during his re-election bid for county commissioner, and he talks about going to work for the Student Alternatives Program afterwards.

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Lubbock/Crystal City

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