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René Guerra

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Mr. Guerra was born May 14, 1945, in Edinburg, Texas. He is a graduate of Pan American University (1969) and The University of Texas School of Law (1975), and has served as District Attorney in Hidalgo County since his election in 1982.

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Guerra describes his school years and early work experience with his family as a migrant laborer and in his mother's tortilla business. He discusses his experiences during his Viet Nam era military service, focusing on his philosophical differences with army attitudes, and speaks of his preference for the Democratic party over other social movements as a vehicle for change. In addressing the issues of racial and ethnic tensions, Guerra states his belief that most stem from lack of communication and understanding. Guerra recalls his early legal and political career after his return to Edinburg and briefly discusses his election as Hidalgo County district attorney. He also reveals why he wanted to be D.A. and why he enjoys the job, and stresses the importance of ethics and self discipline in law enforcement professionals and people in general. In conclusion, Guerra briefly discusses his future plans, his philosophy about solutions to crime, his most recent campaign for district attorney, why he believes he has the support of his constituents, and recruitment of his assistants.

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