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Jesús Rojas III

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Born December 25, 1978, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Graduated from Del Mar College in 1997. Elected vice-president of the Robstown, Texas, school board in 1998. Nephew of Judge Lorenzo Rojas (CMAS No. 80).

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Rojas discusses his election at age 19 to the Robstown, Texas, school board, his reasons for running for the office, and his efforts as vice-president of the board to focus attention on the real needs of Robstown students. (At the time of the interview he had held office for only two months). Rojas also talks about the politics involved in the election of board officers, and about his campaign for election to the board. Additional topics of discussion include racial and ethnic relations and Rojas' activities in high school as a class and student council officer.

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