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Arnoldo Rodríguez, Jr.

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West Oso Independent School District board member. Born July 3, 1974. Rodríguez attended Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas, and is employed by the HEB grocery chain. He was elected to the West Oso ISD board at age 18. He was re-elected in 1997.

Interview Summary:

Rodríguez describes his depressed childhood, including use and sale of drugs, and how he turned around his life under the influence of his foster family (his cousins), especially his foster mother and fellow school board member, Maria Areza López. Rodríguez talks about the effect on his life of his participation in high school athletics. He also relates the influence on the family and on his own philosophy of the attitude held by Mrs. López' father toward participation in politics and voting, and the resulting election to the school board of both Rodríguez and López. He discusses their approach to their political campaigns and his motivation to run for election and re-election to the school board, as well as his relationship with his foster mother as a fellow board member. Rodríguez also talks about the election and the campaign for re-election in 1997, his attitude toward his service and role on the board, his experience as a board member, and his feelings about leadership. In conclusion, Rodríguez expresses his choice of Dr. Hector Garcia as the most influential Mexican American leader, reiterates his motiviation for being politically active and his belief in the importance of voting, and reveals his intent to run for other political office upon completion of his school board service.

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West Oso

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