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Juan Salinas III

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Born in 1969. County Clerk for Hidalgo County, Texas. Graduated from Texas A & M University in 1991. He was municipal judge for the City of La Joya, Texas, 1991-1992, Administrative Assistant in the Hidalgo County Judge's Office, 1991-1996, and was the Comptroller's Regional Representative for John Sharp, Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts. He is the Director in charge of Region VIII of the County and District Clerks' Association of Texas and was selected County Clerk of the year for the southern region of the state in 2000.

Interview Summary:

The interview begins with a discussion of Salinas' political activities which included being the Administrative Assistant to the County Judge in Hidalgo County, Municipal Judge for the City of La Joya, Texas, Director of the Jobs Training Partnership Program (JPTA)in Hidalgo and Willacy counties, and the work he did for the State Comptroller, John Sharp, as his state regional representative. He talks about his style and personal philosophy of public service, how he always seeks better and more effective ways to service his constituents. Salinas recollects that he came from a family with a long history of involvement in Texas politics and he describes the role his family played in his decision to go into politics. He elaborates upon his political campaign activities and how he financed them with fundraisers and loans as well as how much he raised and spent. Salinas expresses his opinion on the most pressing issues facing Mexican Americans of which he believes the number one issue is education. He talks about inter-ethnic tensions in Texas and the United States and that he feels that Mexican American politics lacks the organization that other strong ethnic groups such as black minorities have. Salinas concludes by stating his long term objective in public service is to always be involved in the advancement of Hispanics and Chicanos by helping to improve their educational, social and political opportunities.

Locations of residence or activity:

Hidalgo County/La Joya

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