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Steve Salazar

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Mr. Salazar served three terms on the Dallas City Council. He also served as the first Mexican American trustee ever to be elected to the Dallas County Community College District. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, and his law degree from the University of Houston. Mr. Salazar began his legal career as a law clerk with Dallas attorneys Roberto Alonso and Domingo García.

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Mr. Salazar recalls his family history and genealogy and he describes the poor living conditions his family endured while growing up in West Dallas. Mr. Salazar talks about being the youngest person to earn a law degree from the University of Houston School of Law at the age of twenty-three, and going to work as a law clerk for Dallas attorneys, Domingo García and Roberto Alonso. Mr. Salazar elaborates upon his election to the Dallas City Council and he describes city council politics. He tells what his priority goals were as council member with respect to improving the status of Mexican Americans in key levels of government administrative positions. Mr. Salazar tells about being the first Mexican American elected to the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) Board of Trustees. He discusses his work as a College Board trustee and describes the politics involved. He also tells about his efforts to get more Mexican Americans on the American Association of Community College Board of Trustees. Mr. Salazar comments on his involvement with lawsuits against the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD)over the District's lack of compliance with Affirmative Action mandates. He also describes his work with the Texas Association of Chicanos on Higher Education (TACHE). He analyses the conflict that developed between Roberto Alonso and Domingo García that led to the breakup of their law partnership and political association. Mr. Salazar concludes the interview by giving his opinion on Domingo Garcia's character and the reasons he feels that García is a poor representative of Mexican American interests.

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