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Rudy Espinosa

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Mr. Espinosa was born December 1, 1949, in Crystal City, Texas, and is a graduate of Texas A&I University. He has been superintendent of the Crystal City Independent School District since 1981 (excepting a four-year tenure as superintendent of the La Pryor ISD). Espinosa served two terms on the Crystal City city council during the 1970s, held the office of Crystal City mayor for one year, and was elected in 1992 to fill a six-year term on the local community college board.

Interview Summary:

Espinosa talks of his childhood, educational experiences, and family, including their work as a migrant laborers. He discusses his political activity in Crystal City and his involvement (and that of other family members) in the Crystal City walkout, and provides insight into the functioning of La Raza Unida party in the area. He also describes Crystal City's dispute with the Lo-Vaca Gas Gathering Company (a subsidiary of Coastal States Gas Corporation). Espinosa comments on Crystal City politics, including its current leadership and electoral races, and talks about the Crystal City ISD and his work as superintendent. He discusses his term as a community college board member, his failed re-election bid, and issues relating to other board races. In concluding the interview, Espinosa gives his opinion of the effects produced by La Raza Unida party and the walkout on Crystal City and its reputation, explains his choice to put his education career ahead of politics, and relates his views on what is needed to promote continued improvement in the lives of Mexican Americans.

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Crystal City

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