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George Ozuña, Jr.

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Born in 1930. Mr. Ozuña was the first Mexican American city manager in Texas (Crystal City) and the first Mexican American Chair of the San Antonio Community College System. A civil engineer by training, he received his engineering degree from the University of Texas, Austin, Texas.

Interview Summary:

The interview begins with a discussion about the obstacles Mr. Ozuña faced in his bid to become a city manager and proceeds to talk about the establishment of his own highly successful engineering consulting firm. He gives a lengthy accounting of his family's geneology, geographic origins, and accomplishements. Mr. Ozuña tells about his military service in the United States Marine Corps and his decision to stay involved in the military reserves after active duty. He talks about his political involvement and service on the board of the Mexican American Unity Council and elaborates on its accomplishments during his tenure. He continues with a discussion about his decision to get involved in college politics and he describes the internal politics he encountered trying to get elected to the board of the San Antonio College System. Mr. Ozuña concludes by stating that ethnic identity and computer literacy training are the two most important issues for Mexican Americans today.

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San Antonio

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