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Rose Herrera

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Rose Herrera was born Rose Olmos in 1954 in Gonzalez, Texas and was raised in Fort Worth. She attended Sam Rosen Elementary School and graduated from Trimball [sic, Trimble] Technical High School. She first became actively involved in her community through her children's schools. She co-founded Centro Cultural de las Americas and has served as a member of the Gang Task Force, KERA Latino Advisory Committee, the Hispanic Salute Committee, the Latin Arts Association Board, the board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and as a state-level leader of the Mexican American Democrats. At the time of the interview she was employed as a legal assistant and vice-president of the board of trustees for the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD), with her term expiring in 2004.

Interview Summary:

Rose Herrera begins with her family's background and explains the progression of her involvement in her community from her participation in the Parent Teacher Association at her children's schools to her position as vice-president of the board of trustees for the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD). She expresses her support for bilingual education, including FWISD's bilingual GED program, and stresses the need for the return of such organizations as Future Teachers of America to develop student interest in returning to serve their communities. She discusses FWISD's Success High School, her campaign finances and the redistricting of FWISD's district boundaries. She comments on the 'Robin Hood Plan' of school finance in Texas and mentions prominent Mexican American politicians Henry Cisneros, Fort Worth City Councilman Louis Zapata, Texas State Representative Robert Alianzo [sic, Alonzo], Texas State Senator Elisa [sic, Leticia] Van de Putte, fellow FWISD board member Jesse Martínez, and José Angel Gutiérrez.

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Fort Worth

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