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The Death of Capt. Walker, at Huamantla in Mexico.

Author(s) -   Magee, R. ; Strong, T. W.

Date -   October 8, 1847 - 1848

Topic- Puebla and Huamantla

Publication Information -   T.W. Strong, New York, November, 1847

Format -   Images

Call Number -   GO 28/1 910149

Description -   As he fell exclaimed, "Boys, forward, and don't flinch a foot: I know I am dying but don't give way." R. Magee's depictions of U.S.-Mexico War subjects were often similar to his political caricatures in style and exaggeration. Here in a scene perfect for a contemporary theatrical melodrama, a particularly dastardly villain lances the heroic Texas Ranger Captain Samuel Walker at the Battle of Huamantla, named for a town near Puebla along the National Road between Veracruz and Mexico City. The image does indeed convey a sense of the cruelty of the war; however, there was plenty of that on both sides. Shortly after Walker's death, U.S. General Joseph Lane allowed his brigade to sack the town in revenge -- an event not depicted in a popular U.S. print.

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