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Storming of Independence Hill at the Battle of Monterey

Author(s) -   Needham, D. ; E.B. & E.C. Kellogg

Date -   September 22, 1846 - September 23, 1846

Topic- Battle of Monterrey

Publication Information -   Kelloggs and Thayer, New York, 1846

Format -   Images

Collection -   The University of Texas at Arlington Library, Special Collections.

Call Number -   GO 28/2 910138

Description -   Needham was a Buffalo, New York-based artist who had to imagine the battle from afar. General William Jenkins Worth's troops engaged in the action on September 22nd included U.S. regulars and Texas Mounted Volunteers or "Rangers." It is unlikely that any of them wore tophats or shakos during the assault.

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