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Electus Backus

January 17, 1804 - Unknown

Topic- Battle of Monterrey, Siege and Occupation of Vera Cruz

Electus Backus, Jr., son of a military officer, went on to serve as a career officer himself, beginning service in 1824 after graduating from West Point. Backus received his first major leadership roles and responsibilities during the Sauk and Fox War in 1837, and continued fighting the Seminole Indians in Florida through 1840.

Backus next saw military action in the U.S.-Mexico War in 1846. Backus was promoted to Brevet Major for his service at the Battle of Monterey on September 21-23, and later participated in Scott's invasion of central Mexico.

After the U.S.-Mexico War, Backus was promoted to major and served at Fort Defiance, New Mexico, where he led expeditions against the Navajo Indians throughout the 1850s. Backus died in Detroit, Michigan, on June 7, 1862.


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