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John B. Page

1795 - July 12, 1846

Topic- Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma

John B. Page

1795—July 12, 1846

Born in Fryeburg, Maine in 1795, John B. Page enlisted in the United States Army in 1818 and was appointed as a second lieutenant in the 8th Infantry. Transferred to the 4th Infantry in 1821, Page served for the next twenty-two years in the southern United States, implementing various federal government Indian removal policies, promoted to 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant Commissary of Subsistence in 1828 and Captain in 1831.

The Fourth Infantry accompanied General Zachary Taylor to Corpus Christi, Texas to protect the frontier against an anticipated Mexican attack after the annexation of the Republic of Texas to the United States. In April 1846 General Taylor's Army of Occupation crossed the Nueces River; south to the Rio Grande and on May 8, 1846 engaged Mexican forces under the command of General Mariano Arista at Palo Alto. During the battle, while supporting the artillery battery of Major Samuel Ringgold, Page's lower jaw was shattered by a small caliber cannonball, an incident recorded by several of the participants of the event. Newspapers ran stories on both Captain Page's efforts to return to his home in Baltimore and of his wife's journey to reach her husband en route. Page's health deteriorated and he died on July 12, 1846, on board the steamboat Missouri near Cairo, Illinois. Page was buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. Page County, Iowa is named in his honor.


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