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Manuel Arteaga


Topic- Mexican Support for the War, Return of Santa Anna

Manuel Arteaga served in the Mexican military, rising to the rank of General, and later served as the Governor of the State of Puebla. He held these positions in late 1846 and early 1847, including during the period immediately following a January 17, 1847 decree that allowed the government to seize 10 million pesos worth of Church property. In his capacity as Governor during this period, Arteaga played a central role in crushing an uprising in response to this law that began in the poor Puebla neighborhood of Analco and was supported by the 2nd Battalion of the Infantry. Arteaga's suppression of this uprising left many of the rebels dead or injured, and he then arrested members of the 2nd Battalion who helped stage the insurrection. For his brutal response to this event, Arteaga became an enemy of the Polkos rebels for his militaristic support of a law that seized Church property.


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