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El General en Gefe de las Tropas de la Capital

Translated Title(s) -   The General-in-Chief of the Troops of the Capital

Date -   February 27, 1847

Topic- Mexican Opposition to the War

Publication Information -   Mexico City, February 27, 1847

Format -   Broadsides

Collection -   Mexican War broadsides collection, 1844-1859. The University of Texas at Arlington Library, Special Collections.

Call Number -   GA58 Feb 27, 1847

Description -   Written as a follow-up to the Polkos' initial pronunciamento, this broadside issued by Peña y Barragán sought to reassure the citizens of Mexico City that the Polkos were motivated strictly by a desire to restore the property and respect the privileges of the Catholic Church. Sensitive to allegations that the rebellion was aiding the United States, Peña y Barragán rejected the government's efforts to link it with the coup which had brought José Joaquin Herrera to power in December 1844. Herrera had been deposed the following year amid rumors that he was prepared to reopen diplomatic relations with Washington following the annexation of Texas.

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