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Séptimo Desengaño Para los monarquistas pronunciados y para los Hijos de Polk

Translated Title(s) -   Seventh Disillusionment for the declared monarchists and for Polk's Children

Date -   March 6, 1847

Topic- Mexican Opposition to the War

Publication Information -   Valdes y Redondas, impresores, Mexico City, March 6, 1847

Format -   Broadsides

Collection -   Mexican War broadsides collection, 1844-1859. The University of Texas at Arlington Library, Special Collections.

Call Number -   GA58 Mar 06, 1847

Description -   This broadside gives an account of the government's discovery of a plot by supporters of the Polkos Revolt in the state of Jalisco. The broadside accuses a number of high-ranking Jalisco officials, including the governor, of involvement in the plot, and describes its financial connections to the Catholic Church. The author labels the conspirators as "monarchists" and links them to the deposed president Mariano Paredes y Arrillaga.

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