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El Vice-Gobernador en Ejercicio del poder Ejecutivo del Estado de Oaxaca, á sus habitantes

Translated Title(s) -   The Vice-Governor Exercising the Executive Power of the State of Oaxaca, to its residents

Date -   March 12, 1847

Topic- Siege and Occupation of Vera Cruz

Publication Information -   Impreso por Ignacio Rincon, Oaxaca, March 12, 1847

Format -   Broadsides

Collection -   Mexican War broadsides collection, 1844-1859. The University of Texas at Arlington Library, Special Collections.

Call Number -   GA58 Mar 12, 1847

Description -   Issued by the acting Governor of Oaxaca, José Joaquin de Guergue, this pro-Polkos broadside denounces acting president Gómez Farías, accusing him of failing to send the necessary provisions to Veracruz (a U.S. army under Winfield Scott had landed near the port city virtually unopposed three days earlier). The broadside calls upon the citizens of Oaxaca to help collect additional funds and supplies for Veracruz, which would be bombarded by Scott

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