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Dictamen de la comision especial de la exma. Asamblea departamental de Nuevo-Leon relativo a la comuncacion que el general D. Juan N. Almonte con el caracter

Translated Title(s) -   Report from the special commission of the Nuevo Leon departmental assembly regarding the communication that the General, D. Juan N. Almonte, in his capacity as minister of war

Date -   January 14, 1846

Topic- Mexican Political Turmoil

Publication Information -   Nuevo León, January 14, 1846

Format -   Broadsides

Collection -   Mexican War broadsides collection, 1844-1859. The University of Texas at Arlington Library, Special Collections.

Call Number -   GA57 Jan 14, 1846

Description -   Following the overthrow of the Herrera government in January, 1846, secretary of war Juan N. Almonte ordered the department of Nuevo León to recognize the new government. In this document, issued by the departmental assembly, local authorities stated their reasons for refusing to recognize the new centralist government.

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