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Disolucion del Congreso. Desconsoladora débe de ser para quien no mire con indiferencia la pérdida de las libertades públicas

Translated Title(s) -   Dissolution of the Congress. How sad it must be for those who love liberty

Date -   March 7, 1847

Topic- Mexican Opposition to the War

Publication Information -   Imprenta de Jose Maria Rivera, Mexico, March 7, 1847

Format -   Broadsides

Collection -   Mexican War broadsides collection, 1844-1859. The University of Texas at Arlington Library, Special Collections.

Call Number -   GA58 Mar 07, 1847

Description -   Addressed to the people of Puebla after two weeks of fighting, this broadside denounced Gómez Farías and accused the government of jailing innocent citizens.

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