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Electronic Reserves Guidelines

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Electronic Reserves Guidelines

  • Guided by the On-site Copyright guidelines above, for electronic reserves we:
  • Digitize and make available, at the request of the instructor, copyright protected material within Fair Use guidelines, including an accompanying copyright statement, the copyright notice on the original, and appropriate citations and attributions to the source.
  • Follow any restrictions of the copyright holder(s) as specified by the terms of the permission.
  • Determine if an article to be placed on reserve is already available electronically and, if our licensing agreement allows, we will point to that location from the reserve list instead of scanning and posting the article.


The UT Arlington Libraries provides the following copyright notice with the Electronic Reserve materials to which we provide access:

Copying, displaying and distributing copyrighted works may infringe the owner's copyright. The University of Texas System's policy statement on "Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials" can help you determine whether your use of a copyrighted work may be an infringement. Any use of computer or duplicating facilities by students, faculty or staff for infringing use of copyrighted works is subject to appropriate disciplinary action as well as those civil remedies and criminal penalties provided by federal law.