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I had the opportunity to attend ACRL’s week-long Immersion Teacher Track this past July in Burlington, Vermont.  According to their website, “Teacher Track focuses on individual development for those who are interested in enhancing, refreshing, or extending their individual instruction.  Curriculum includes teaching techniques, learning theory, leadership, and assessment framed in the context of information literacy.” 

Although this was a super intense week, we had class or activities planned from 8am – 8pm, I found it so beneficial.  While I feel l have a strong understanding...

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image of jigsaw puzzle with learning written accross

In an attempt to find collaborators for a presentation proposal, I sent the following description to a few mailing lists:

My interest/research is in “maker literacies” and I’m investigating how makers teach and learn. This research will be used to develop assessable experiential learning outcomes to be integrated into a diverse range of course curricula at UT Arlington. By the time the Forum comes around, we will have almost completed a pilot of the program and will be able to report preliminary results. If any of you are doing similar things, let’s please...

Tags: maker literacy, experiential learning, learning theory, learning outcomes