University of Texas at Arlington

Promotion to Associate Professor

Each year the Library invites faculty who have received promotion and tenure to select an item to be added to the collection. These items are purchased in honor of the faculty with the support of the Friends of the UT Arlington Library. Please browse to learn more about these faculty and the items they have chosen.


Dr. David Arditi - Sociology
Dr. Priscila Caçola - Kinesiology
Dr. Todd Castoe - Biology
Dr. Saiful Chowdhury - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Prof. Benjamin Dolezal - Art & Art History
Dr. Matthew Fujita - Biology
Dr. Dustin Harp - Communication
Prof. Anne Healy - Theatre Arts
Dr. Yi Hong - Engineering: Bioengineering
Prof. Sedrick Huckaby - Art & Art History
Prof. Joshua Nason - Architecture
Dr. Joseph Ngai - Physics
Dr. Kathryn Pole - Education: Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Amy Speier - Anthropology
Dr. Matthew Walsh - Biology
Dr. Leaf Zhang - Education: Leadership & Policy Studies


Dr. Amanda Alexander - Art & Art History
Dr. Courtney Cronley - Social Work
Dr. Majie Fan - Earth & Environmental Sciences (Geology)
Dr. Ankur Jain - Engineering: Mechanical and Aerospace
Dr. Junha Jeon - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Mingwu Jin - Physics
Dr. Kayunta Johnson-Winters - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Ioannis Schizas - Engineering: Electrical Engineering
Dr. Eusebius Small - Social Work
Dr. Mark Tremayne - Communication
Dr. Xinbao Yu - Engineering: Civil Engineering


Dr. John Adams - Finance
Dr. Ashfaq Adnan - Engineering: Aerospace
Dr. Carla Amaro-Jimenez - Education: Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Naomi Cleghorn - Anthropology
Dr. Jaya B. Davis - Criminal Justice/Criminology
Dr. Ali Davoudi - Engineering: Electrical Engineering
Dr. Jeff Demuth - Biology
Dr. Lonny Harrison - Modern Languages
Dr. Junzhou Huang - Engineering: Computer Science
Dr. Erika Pribanic-Smith - Communication
Dr. Daniel Sledge - Political Science
Dr. Jeffrey Witzel - Linguistics & TESOL
Dr. Kenyon Zimmer - History


Dr. Karabi Bezboruah - Urban & Public Affairs
Dr. Adwait Khare - Marketing
Dr. Fuqiang Liu - Engineering: Materials Science Engineering
Dr. Luca Maddalena - Engineering: Materials Science Engineering
Dr. Sangwook Park - Physics
Dr. Sarah Rose - History
Dr. Joseph Sabbagh - Linguistics & TESOL
Dr. Ritesh Saini - Marketing
Dr. Barbara Tobolowsky - Education: Leadership & Policy Studies
Dr. David Wetz - Engineering: Electrical Engineering


Dr. Mindi Anderson - Nursing
Prof. Bradley Bell - Architecture
Dr. Alan Bowling - Engineering: Aerospace
Dr. Colleen Casey - Urban & Public Affairs
Dr. Christoph Csallner - Engineering: Computer Science
Dr. Kathryn Daniel - Nursing
Dr. Yue Deng - Physics
Dr. Frank Foss - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Muhammad Huda - Physics
Dr. Holly Hungerford-Kresser - Education: Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Daejong Kim - Engineering: Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Linda Perrotti - Psychology
Dr. Brad Pierce - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Peggy L Semingson - Education: Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Jason Shelton - Sociology
Dr. James E Warren - English
Dr. Sonja S Watson - Modern Languages
Dr. Shelley L Wigley - Communication
Dr. Baohong Yuan - Engineering: Bioengineering


Dr. Regina Aguirre - Social Work
Dr. Gaik Ambartsoumian - Mathematics
Prof. Traci Freling - Marketing
Dr. Kate Holliday - Architecture
Dr. Samir Iqbal - Engineering: Electrical Engineering
Dr. Theresa Jorgensen - Mathematics
Dr. Hyejin Moon - Engineering: Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Laura Mydlarz - Biology
Dr. Taner Ozdil - Architecture
Dr. John Rodriguez - Criminal Justice/Criminology
Dr. Brent Sasley - Political Science
Dr. Chunke Su - Communication
Dr. Amy Tigner - English
Dr. Jingguo Wang - Information Systems & Operations Management
Dr. Arne Winguth - Earth & Environmental Sciences (Geology)
Dr. Zhiyong Yang - Marketing
Dr. Jie Zhang - Information Systems & Operations Management


Dr. George Alexandrakis - Engineering: Bioengineering
Dr. Vassilis Athitsos - Engineering: Computer Science
Dr. Elten Briggs - Marketing
Dr. Shih-Ho Chao - Engineering: Civil Engineering
Dr. Susan Ferreira - Engineering: Industrial & Manufacturing Systems
Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov - Mathematics
Dr. Darren Hayunga - Finance
Dr. Qinhong Hu - Earth & Environmental Sciences (Geology)
Dr. Heng Huang - Engineering: Computer Science
Dr. Andrew Hunt - Earth & Environmental Sciences (Geology)
Dr. Heather Jacobson - Sociology
Dr. David Keller - Kinesiology
Dr. Douglas Klahr - Architecture
Dr. Diane Mitschke - Social Work
Dr. Christopher Ray - Kinesiology
Dr. Alicia Rueda-Acedo - Modern Languages
Dr. Eric Smith - Biology
Dr. Alexa Smith-Osborne - Social Work
Dr. Mahmut Yasar - Economics