University of Texas at Arlington

Promotion to Professor

Each year the Library invites faculty who have received promotion and tenure to select an item to be added to the collection. These items are purchased in honor of the faculty with the support of the Friends of the UT Arlington Library. Please browse to learn more about these faculty and the items they have chosen.


Dr. Vassilis Athitsos - Engineering: Computer Science
Dr. Hao Che - Engineering: Computer Science
Prof. Thomas Christie - Communication
Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov - Mathematics
Dr. Heather Jacobson - Sociology
Dr. Laura Mydlarz - Biology
Dr. Melanie Sattler - Engineering: Civil Engineering
Dr. Maria Trache - Education: Leadership & Policy Studies
Dr. Jingguo Wang - Business
Dr. David Wetz - Engineering: Electrical Engineering
Dr. Baohong Yuan - Engineering: Bioengineering
Dr. Jennifer Zhang - Business


Dr. James A. M. Alvarez - Mathematics
Dr. Simon Chao - Engineering: Civil Engineering
Dr. Chi-Young Choi - Economics
Dr. Christopher Conway - Modern Languages
Dr. Yue Deng - Physics
Dr. Robert Kunovich - Sociology
Dr. Joohi Lee - Education: Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Leighton McWilliams - Art & Art History
Dr. Edmund Prater - Information Systems & Operations Management


Dr. Esther Betran - Biology
Dr. Casey Brown - Education: Leadership & Policy Studies
Dr. Seong Jin Koh - Engineering: Materials Science Engineering
Dr. Charles Nussbaum - Philosophy & Humanities
Dr. Stefan Romanoschi - Engineering: Civil Engineering
Dr. Jay Rosenberger - Engineering: Industrial & Manufacturing Systems
Dr. Sanjiv Sabherwal - Accounting
Dr. Dong-Jun Seo - Engineering: Civil Engineering
Dr. Alexa Smith-Osborne - Social Work
Dr. Antoinette Sol - Modern Languages


Dr. Heng Huang - Engineering: Computer Science
Dr. Graham Hunt - Music
Dr. Kytai Nguyen - Engineering: Bioengineering
Prof. Kevin Schug - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Pat Taylor - Architecture


Dr. Robert L Bing - Criminal Justice/Criminology
Dr. Wendy J Casper - Management
Dr. Md Hossain - Engineering: Civil Engineering
Dr. Laureano Hoyos - Engineering: Civil Engineering
Dr. Haiying Huang - Engineering: Aerospace
Dr. Erick Jones Sr. - Engineering: Industrial & Manufacturing Systems
Dr. Diane Lange - Music
Dr. Peter Lehmann - Social Work
Dr. David Narrett - History
Dr. Sridhar Panchapake Nerur - Information Systems & Operations Management
Dr. Yuan Peng - Psychology


Dr. Perry Fuchs - Psychology
Dr. Laura Gough - Biology
Dr. Aimee Israel-Pelletier - Modern Languages
Dr. David Jorgensen - Mathematics
Dr. Radha Mahapatra - Information Systems & Operations Management
Dr. Harry Reeder - Philosophy & Humanities
Dr. K. Jamie Rogers - Engineering: Industrial & Manufacturing Systems
Dr. Gergely Zaruba - Engineering: Computer Science


Dr. Manfred Cuntz - Physics
Dr. Hristo Kojouharov - Mathematics
Dr. Michaela Vancliff - Mathematics
Dr. Mike Ward - Economics
Dr. Jaehoon Yu - Physics