University of Texas at Arlington

Fines & Appeals

Overdue Fines

Regular items

$0.25 per day, $15.00 maximum fine

4-day loan periods (includes DVDs, videos, and other media):

$1.20 per day, $30.00 maximum fine

Headphones $0.02 per minute, $30.00 maximum fine
2-hour, 3-hour, and 24-hour Reserve items: $0.02 per minute, $30.00 maximum fine
3-day and 7-day Reserve items: $1.20 per day,
$30.00 maximum fine
Laptop Computers: $15.00 per day,
$60.00 maximum fine
Additional fine on overdue items recalled by another library user: $2.00 per day, to all users, including faculty
Overdue fine for Interlibrary Loan materials: $1.00 per day, maximum $25.00, to all users, including faculty


Lost Library Materials Fees

When an item is 30 days overdue it will get a status of "Lost", and we will bill you for the replacement of that item, plus all associated charges.

Bill-for-replacement charges consist of 3 parts:

  • Maximum overdue fine (varies from $15.00-$60.00 depending on the material).
  • Replacement cost of item (varies).
  • $35.00 processing fee.

If "Lost" Library Materials are Returned

If the materials are returned within two years of billing and are in good condition, patrons are credited for the replacement cost and $15 of the processing fee.  Patrons are still responsible for paying the remaining processing fee and the overdue fines.

If Library Materials are Lost Before they are Due

If you know you have lost an item please fill out a Report of Lost Book form at the Service Desk at Central Library, the Architecture & Fine Arts Library, or the Science & Engineering Library.  You will be charged as follows:

  • Replacement cost of item (varies).
  • $35 processing fee.

Damaged Library Materials Fees:

  • Materials that are returned damaged but salvageable, as determined by the Libraries' Preservationist, will generate a charge to the patron of $10 for mending/rebinding.
  • Materials that are returned damaged and not salvageable, as determined by the Libraries' Preservationist, will be treated as "Claimed Lost" material and will be billed the replacement cost of the item and the $35.00 processing fee, plus any late fees, if applicable.

Paying Fines and Fees

Library fines and fees are billed to your account with the UT Arlington Accounting & Business Services Office. Payments are made at the UT Arlington Office of Student Accounts on the 1st floor of Davis Hall.

There is a Library Appeals Panel for you to dispute library fines or fees that have been charged to you.

Abuse of Library Privileges

The UT Arlington Libraries may suspend the library privileges and block the account of any borrower for the following reasons:

  • Failing to adhere to Library policies, including following the Library's Code of Conduct
  • Stealing or defacing library materials
  • Failing to pay library fines

Failure to return library materials and pay overdue fees may result in further collection procedures by the UT Arlington Business Office.

Contact Information

Phone: (817) 272-3395

Additional Information:

  • A receipt for returning your library materials is available upon request. Tell us you would like a receipt before we check in your materials.
  • You are responsible for all library materials checked out to your UT Arlington ID number.
  • You are responsible for the security of your library card. Contact us if your library card is lost or stolen.
  • The Libraries may block you from checking out additional library materials if you have overdue or lost items or other financial obligations to the Libraries or to UT Arlington, or if you have failed to give us a correct mailing address.

Your circulation records at the UT Arlington Libraries are confidential.