University of Texas at Arlington

Library Appeals Panel


The UT Arlington Libraries Appeals Panel exists so that library users can appeal disputed fines and/or lost materials fees at an impartial hearing. The Appeals Panel consists of UT Arlington students, faculty, and staff who are not affiliated with the UT Arlington Libraries other than being library users themselves.


Disputing a Library Fine or Fee

  1. Contact the Service Desk Manager at the appropriate library to express your concerns.
  2. If the Service Desk Manager is unable to resolve the situation, you will be asked to complete a Library Appeals Panel Form.
  3. Fill out the Appeals Form completely, and document the situation with regard to the fines or fees that you believe were incorrect.
  4. The Service Desk Manager will review the documentation further and if they cannot offer a resolution that you find agreeable your Appeals Form and any relevant circulation records will be forwarded to the Central Library Service Desk Group Leader for review.
  5. The Central Library Service Desk Group Leader will attempt to resolve the situation. If they offer a satisfactory resolution, and you agree on a negotiated amount, you will not be able to appeal the remaining balance of your fine or fee. If no resolution can be reached, the dispute will go to the Library Appeals Panel.


Library Appeals Panel Process

  1. Your appeal will be heard at the next meeting of the Library Appeals Panel. The Billing Manager will contact you to inform you of the date, time, and place of the next Appeals Panel meeting.
  2. The Library Appeals Panel meets twice during the Fall Semester and twice during the Spring Semester.
  3. You are invited to attend the Appeals Panel meeting at which your case is heard, although your presence is not necessary. The statements you make on your Appeals Form will represent you if you choose not to attend the meeting. Thus, it is important that you explain your situation completely when you fill out the Appeals Form.
  4. A copy of the Appeals Panel decision will be mailed to you on the next working day after the meeting. All decisions of the Library Appeals Panel are FINAL.
  5. Service desk staff cannot discuss or explain the Appeals Panel's decision.


Payment Information

  1. You are responsible for all library fines and fees that have been billed to you through the Office of Student Accounts.
  2. If you choose not to pay the library charges until your case is heard by the Appeals Panel, you will be responsible for any late fees that accrue on your account.
  3. If your appeal is granted, credits that relate to the appeals decision will be placed on your account.
  4. Contact the Office of Student Accounts to make the appropriate arrangements if you are eligible for a refund as a result of the credits.

If you have questions or comments on the Library Appeals Process, contact the Central Library Service Desk:


Phone: 817-272-3395
Fax: 817-272-3392