University of Texas at Arlington


If you are a UT Arlington student, faculty or staff member and need an item that is currently checked out by another user, you can recall the material from them.

Recalls ensure that all students have timely access to the materials that they need. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Please remember that ALL patron records are confidential. Names of borrowers or requestors will not be given out to others.

How to Request a Recall

  1. Locate the desired item in the UT Arlington Libraries Online Catalog.
  2. To recall the material, the item record must indicate that the item is "checked out".
  3. Select the "Request This" link on the right side of the page.
  4. Log into your account.
  5. Select the "Recall from the person who has the item" option.
  6. Fill out the Request Form and choose your "pick up location".
  7. Select "Submit"

Please note that items recalled so that they can be placed on Reserve take priority over all other recall requests.

Certain materials may not be recalled:

  • Reserve items
  • Reference materials
  • Periodicals
  • Laptops and headphones
  • Items that are not checked out to another user
  • Items that are on order or in process

It may take 10 days or more from the request date for a recalled item to be returned to the Libraries

If you cannot wait for the item, you can seek assistance at a service zone to find other libraries in the area that own the item.

Accessing a Recalled Item

When a recalled item is returned, the Libraries will e-mail you that the item is available. You may also check the status of your recall request by going into Your Info in the UT Arlington Libraries Online Catalog.

The item is held for 10 days at the service zone of your choice (Central Library, Architecture & Fine Arts Library, or Science & Engineering Library). If you decide you no longer need the item, please contact the staff, so that it can be returned to the shelf or passed along to the next user.

When an Item You Are Borrowing is Recalled

We will notify you by e-mail and by US Mail if your item has been recalled.  The loan period is shortened, and the item is given an adjusted due date (usually 10 days from the date of recall).

If a user (faculty included) does not return the item by the new recall date, special recall fines accrue at $2.00 per day.

If an item is recalled from you that you still wish to use, you may place your own recall for the item by following the "How to Request a Recall" instructions above. Your name will be put back in the queue for the item once it is checked out to the next patron.

Keep in mind, however, that the next user will be allowed to keep the item for 30 days before the next recall takes effect, and there may be other recalls ahead of you.

If you cannot wait for the item, you can seek assistance at the service desk to find other libraries in the area that own the item.