University of Texas at Arlington

Library Departments

A central service hub comprised of Acquisition, Metadata, Resource Delivery, and Stacks Management to enable and facilitate access and discovery of library resources for all users. It supports UTA library’s vision and imperatives with an... Learn More

The Libraries’ Administration team includes the Dean of University Libraries, the Associate University Librarians (AULs), their administrative staff, the budget and human resources teams, the ... Learn More

The assessment team will collaborate to identify all aspects of users’ needs. We will hold up a mirror to the organization and provide data which clarifies what is and what isn’t working. The team will help to set the new direction for the... Learn More

Digital Creation Supports Creation, eXploration and Innovation. We create collections that make our unique resources globally accessible. The discoverability of these resources allows others to explore, and expand ideas. Our community uses our... Learn More

Experiential Learning & Undergraduate Success has three major areas of focus: Undergraduate Research, Undergraduate Maker and Digital Literacies, and Undergraduate Information Literacy. We strive to provide undergraduates with valuable... Learn More

The UTA FabLab is a creative hub for students and faculty of the University of Texas at Arlington and the DFW community, providing access to technologies, equipment, training, opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, industry mentors,... Learn More

UTA Libraries is committed to providing inclusive and supportive environments where students, faculty, staff and guests can flourish as scholars and citizens. The University Libraries Facilities Department has a critical role for maintaining the... Learn More

Faculty Services and Online Engagement has four areas of focus: Online Teaching and Learning, Online Student Success, Digital Identity and Impact, and traditional subject specialists’ services.  We  strive to support the work of faculty, graduate... Learn More

The director of Grants and Research collaborates with staff from the UT Arlington Libraries and across the University as well as external institutions and organizations to identity grant opportunities that support the mission and strategic goals... Learn More

The Library Systems & Technology Department (LS&T) supports the technical requirements of the organization by providing systems and services that advance the mission of the Libraries. LS&T services encompass the entire spectrum of... Learn More

The Marketing & Communication department’s purpose is to Increase the perceived value of the Library and enhance relationships with all audiences, including Library employees.

Our objectives:

  1. Create, communicate,... Learn More

The Organizational Excellence Department provides vision, oversight and assessment of an  innovative leadership development and organizational excellence program for the UTA Libraries. The department promotes organizational health, leadership... Learn More

The Organizational Operations team provides leadership for a broad range of critical library operations, including developing and managing guest relations strategies across 24/7, while developing and supporting key partnerships with campus... Learn More

The Scholarly Communications Program provides leadership and guidance to the library and the wider community on issues related to creating, sharing, using and preserving scholarship. The program provides services, resources, and information to UT... Learn More

Special Collections collects and provides access to extraordinary historical research materials. Our commitment to exceptional research assistance, teaching, outreach, and collaborative partnerships engaged our users in a learning environment... Learn More

User Engagement & Services creates extraordinary experiences that inspire curiosity, promote collaboration, and transform learning. We use innovative practices, user-focused strategies, and strategic partnerships to cultivate personal and... Learn More