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This infographic shows actual student responses categorized by major themes. Data was collected for two weeks in May of 2017 and two weeks in February of 2018.

This infographic shows themes from our library feedback weeks titled, "UTA Open Your Heart" that students contributed to throughout the Libraries. These themes coincide with LibQUALs "Library as Place" dimension that measures the library's environment.

Terminology from Librarians- Libraries website.pdf


From May 4-24 of 2017, we collected information about the library on the Glass Walls in Central Library. We wanted to know our community's likes, dislikes, preferences, and needs. We posted the prompt: Give Your Library Feedback! Below are some of the comments we received. 

Library Feedback 2107.pdf

This is a brief report discussing some of the findings of LibQUAL report of 2015 compared with the Wayfinding project completed in 2016.

LibQual and Wayfinding.pdf


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