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Spring 2017 UT Arlington Libraries Innovation Mini-grants


Spring 2017 UT Arlington Libraries Innovation Mini-grants

The UTA Libraries’ Innovation Mini-Grant program is designed to foster innovation within the Libraries by supporting staff who are willing to explore and report on new ways to move forward with our strategic goals. This can be in the form of new or enhanced services, technology, or activities. Grants in amounts up to $1500 will be considered. Grant projects should be designed so that they can be created, piloted or implemented with only applicant or applicant/team staffing and resources. Grant funds may be used to pay for supplies, equipment, student wages or any other related expenses.  We are hoping to award at least three mini-grants during this cycle.



An Innovation Mini-Grant Review team will review proposals and choose grant recipients. The team will include a member of ULDC, two staff members, and two student workers. Additionally, the Director of Assessment will serve in support of all applicants during the application process and the grant execution phase, but not as a member of the selection committee. 



The Innovation Mini-Grant program is available to all permanent and temporary staff at the UT Arlington Libraries.


Award Criteria

1.         Quality of activity: The proposed project must demonstrate an outcome; i.e., something must change as a result of the project. 

2.         Potential impact to the Libraries: The proposed activity/event must benefit more than a few individuals.

3.         Feasibility of the project:

            a. Operationally: Can you implement your project without requesting expertise outside your grant team?  Projects should be designed to be pilot or proof of concept activities, with no need for organizational intervention. Additionally, projects should not involve a requirement for ongoing funding or support after the project is completed. 

b. Time-line: Can it be completed by September 30, 2017? [No payment or reimbursements will be possible after this date.]


Innovation Mini-Grant Deadlines (Summer 2016):

Mini-Grant Application Due Date

May 5, 2017

Application Review Period Begins

May 8, 2017

Award Announcement

June 1, 2017

Project Start Date

June 15, 2017

Project Completion Date

September 30, 2017

Report Due Date

October 30, 2017


FUNDING information

The Libraries' budget officer will work with grant recipients to fund all purchases or payments so that there are no out of pocket expenses for the project.  All grant applications should include an itemized budget.  A suggested budget form for applicants is available at  Please download and save the file for your individual project.  


Mini-Grant recipients are expected to:

•           Keep the Director of Assessment apprised of developments in the implementation of the grant via monthly email updates.

•           Share their experiences from the grant with colleagues at the Libraries through workshops, library staff meetings, or other appropriate venues after completion of the project.

•           Submit a final report within 30 days of completion of the project. The report format is flexible (e.g., video, website, slideshow, ePortfolio, publication, blog), but must include an overview of the completed project, objectives/goals, challenges, and impact. Final reports will be added to our library website.

•           Complete a feedback survey upon completion of the funded project (link to be provided).


Apply at

See below for a couple of sample grant applications.






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