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There are a variety of tools available for use by library staff doing assessment.  We will provide information on this page about various tools that we have used for projects throughout the UT Arlington Libraries.

The UT Arlington Libraries has participated in the LibQual+ service quality survey process since 2005.  The LibQual+ suite of services is offered to libraries by the Association of Research Libraries as a method to "solicit, track, understand and act upon users' opinions of service quality."  (Association of Research Libraries, 2015)  The resulting notebooks containing the results from 2005,...

LibQUAL+™ is a standardized survey developed by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in collaboration with the Texas A&M University Libraries. The survey provides libraries with a method for measuring the quality of library services by examining perceptions, preferences, and expectations of faculty, students and staff. One thousand libraries internationally have participated in the...

Qualtrics is a survey development tool that allows for easy survey creation and robust analysis of data.