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While we still don’t have our final report to the IMLS completed, we have made significant progress. Today we are releasing the finalized list of maker competencies with an explanatory preamble and acknowledgements to those who helped in the final revisions. This is one of the major deliverables for the IMLS work, and much of what is in this document will also go into the final report. Note that not all participating faculty are named in this document, only those who provided substantive feedback specifically regarding the beta list of competencies.

The beta list has been officially...

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[This is the second in a series of blog posts about our data gathering, processing and analysis methodology.]

Happy Holidays!

Because of other priorities, I have not been able to move to the next steps in our data gathering, processing and analysis series. As we drew nearer to the end of the fall 2018 semester, I decided it would be best to wait until all of the fall 2018 data had been collected and aggregated with the original data set before moving forward with processing and analysis.

So now that I’ve collected and aggregated fall 2018 data, here are the updated...

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Dr. Jaime Cantu’s Engineering Project Management course participated in the Maker Literacies program again for the third consecutive semester. Students were assigned to work collaboratively in teams to manufacture a stuffed animal horse while learning about and implementing project management fundamentals. An integral component of this course is for students to use real-world data to assemble their teams, and aligns perfectly with maker competency 4, “Assembles effective teams” (note that in our-soon-to-be-published revised competencies, this has become competency 9). Dr. Cantu and I have...

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[This is the first in a series of blog posts about our data gathering, processing and analysis methodology.]

While we still have not completed our final report to the IMLS, nor have I finished analyzing the student self-assessment data gathered from our pilot program, I feel that it’s time to release the public version of our raw data set. Rather than waiting until all data has been analyzed, I plan to post regular weekly (or monthly, as time permits) updates that will take readers through our methodology and ultimately reveal some of our findings.

Before questions are raised...

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So, first the bad news: we were not able to complete our final report to the IMLS by the September 28 deadline. Fortunately, we were approved an extension for another purpose, and because of that extension, we still have time to work on a really great final report. We received a lot of actionable, substantive feedback from our pilot program participants, and thanks to this extra time, we’ll be able to provide each their due in the final report. I believe all stakeholders will benefit from patience. I’ll continue to post updates about this here on the blog.

If anyone is interested in...

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