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[This is the first in a series of blog posts about our data gathering, processing and analysis methodology.]

While we still have not completed our final report to the IMLS, nor have I finished analyzing the student self-assessment data gathered from our pilot program, I feel that it’s time to release the public version of our raw data set. Rather than waiting until all data has been analyzed, I plan to post regular weekly (or monthly, as time permits) updates that will take readers through our methodology and ultimately reveal some of our findings.

Before questions are raised...

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So, first the bad news: we were not able to complete our final report to the IMLS by the September 28 deadline. Fortunately, we were approved an extension for another purpose, and because of that extension, we still have time to work on a really great final report. We received a lot of actionable, substantive feedback from our pilot program participants, and thanks to this extra time, we’ll be able to provide each their due in the final report. I believe all stakeholders will benefit from patience. I’ll continue to post updates about this here on the blog.

If anyone is interested in...

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Did you know that UTA Libraries has an “experiential learning” program with its own event series? The Experiential Learning and Undergraduate Success (ELUS) department aims to provide rich experiences for students to “learn by doing,” hands-on, project and problem based activities that encourage them to critique and critically reflect on their participation. But that’s not what draws them in. Our events are so fun, unique and engaging that students don’t even notice that they’re learning until it’s too late!

I say “we” and “our” as a proud member of ELUS, but I have to give credit...

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The UTA Libraries' Marketing and Communications Team created a really great video to highlight a few apps that UTA FabLab student employees have developed to help our makerspace run more smoothly. The 3-minute video was featured at the recent ISAM 2018 conference!

Not mentioned in the video is that Dr. Christoph Csallner's CSE 3311: Object-Oriented Software Engineering students have assisted with development with the FabApp for the last three semesters as part of a service learning assignment, under the leadership of Jon Le, FabLab Graduate Assistant, and Eric Olson, FabLab...

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Though I was unable to make it to the conference (insert sad face emoticon), I want to thank Katie Musick Peery, Morgan Chivers and Tara Radniecki for presenting the paper we co-wrote for ISAM 2018. The paper provides a summary and preliminary findings from our IMLS-funded Maker Competencies and the Undergraduate Curriculum program over the 2017-2018 academic year. We discuss the program overview, our partner selection process, makerspace-course integration, measuring competencies, and implications for makerspace staff and librarians.  Gretchen Trkay was also a co-author, but like me she...

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