University of Texas at Arlington


Experiential Learning and Undergraduate Success


course guides

Librarians have created guides to assist you with specific courses. Select guides by type. If there is no guide for your course, consider using one of the topic or subject guides.


research by subject

The libraries' subject guides can be used to identify the resources you need to complete research projects. Guides will also include links to relevant tutorials, information about citation styles, and the contact information for your subject librarians.


research coaches

Research coaches are UTA students specially trained to offer peer-to-peer help for students seeking individualized assistance with their research and course assignments. Research coaches help frame research questions, develop search strategies, understand citation styles, and select and evaluate relevant resources. Contact Diane Shepelwich,, with questions.


experiential learning

The maker literacies librarian can work with you to develop curriculum that takes advantage of the resources available in our fablab for hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. Contact Martin Wallace with questions.


Information Literacy Instruction

Recognizing when you need information, knowing how to find and evaluate it, then using it ethically and appropriately are skills that we all need. These information literacy skills come up daily, whether we are adding to scholarly discourse or just responding to social media.

The subject specialist librarians understand the specific information skills needed by students and strive to tie these skills with assignments they receive in class.  When faculty work with librarians to share information literacy instruction with students, they can expect to see quality articles cited properly.

Whether information literacy instruction is provided during class, in online modules, or through workshops, students of all levels can learn techniques to find and use information resources more efficiently and effectively.

Examples of information literacy instruction available include: Understanding APA Citation Style, How to Find Peer Reviewed Research, How to Conduct a Systematic Review, Preparing a Literature Review